First Relic Site

After much humming and hawing over things, I decided to reactivate my account in EVE Online and dive in. Not only did I activate my main account, but I actually activated two accounts, my main and an alt. Why both? So I could have a dedicated miner and hauler, of course.

Once that was set up and I figured out what skills I wanted to train, I took a bit of a break from mining and went scanning some signatures. Out of the four that were in my area, three were wormholes, and one was a relic site, which I had never heard of before.

They’re a lot like data sites (which I’ve heard of but never discovered on my own). An area that was filled with little canisters that I had to play a mini game with. I failed one (twice) and the entire thing blew up. Hope there was nothing good inside. The others I managed to beat, and was rewarded with some pretty generic crafting supplies (which I am always happy to have, as I do a lot of industry). Obviously the rewards vary, and if you’re in LowSec or NullSec they’ll be better (risk vs. reward). Still, it felt good to find one and solve it, even if I did have to train archaeology I before I could scan the site.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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