Torn Thoughts on The Agency

I have mixed feelings about The Agency screen that is now in EVE. I’m not sure when it was added, but it’s new to me, and while I like the fact that it gives people some direction on what they can do in the current system, I don’t like that it has made HI a LOT busier, and it feels like it has taken a bit away from the people who used to chase down those events on their own.

As an example, in the system I live in there is ice mining, and normally you’d have to scan down the signature for those with probes and find your way there – but now they just show up in The Agency, so there are over 50 people in what was once a quiet area, all mining ice.

On the other hand sometimes I’m at a loss on what I want to do, so seeing it all in a neat and tidy list is nice, I can just choose something and go from there. The direction and guidance is nice for those who need it or those times that I need it. There are still things ‘hidden’ in the system, but there’s a much larger chance of it being promoted (or such is my experience so far).

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