My Time at Portia – Diving In

This game was actually gifted to me a bit ago, but time being what it is, I haven’t actually played it (though I had it installed for a while). Today I was finally able to make the time, and now I’m completely smitten with this little gem (I also heard today that it’s coming out on console, including Switch, which is awesome).

So you’ve inherited your Pa’s construction building, and you live on the outskirts of a town filled with villagers. You repair the house that has been sorely neglected (hey, this is sounding a lot like another game out there… except in 3D) meet the town folks, and get down to business.

There’s a ton to do in game. You’re restricted by stamina daily (just like that other game we’re all thinking of) and you can do fun things like.. grow crops, breed horses, fill out commissions for other villagers, adventure in some ruins, and generally muck about. There’s a ton of crafting, skills, and other bits and bobs to keep you busy.

I haven’t delved very far into it yet, having only played for a few hours, but I’m enjoying what I HAVE played so far. I hear that combat is a bit wonky so I’ve actually stayed away from it. Instead I’m focusing on exploration, crafting, and farming. Or at least I will be once I make a few more machines for my construction site. Right now I can’t turn wood into planks, and that’s a priority. We’ll see where I end up next.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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