Road to 5 Million (for the Ultra Casual) – 13

Well, despite the fact that I think I only logged into WoW twice this week, I did manage to break 2 million gold. I’ve been there before, just before BFA released, but that’s back when I was actually playing – and these days I’m so casual I wonder if it can even be called active.

Blizzard is giving a free weekend this weekend to anyone who doesn’t have an active paid subscription, so I’m hoping to get some good sales from folks logging in. It’s also fashion week, so that usually bodes well for transmogs. I’m thinking of leveling up my druid to 120 (she’s 111 at the moment) because why not, and it has been ages since I did any sort of farming, so I may give that a shot too. As always I have a love hate relationship with WoW. BFA hasn’t been the best of expansions for me and a lot of my friends are no longer playing. I keep it on the back burner and will probably always have a soft spot for the game.

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