Slowing Down, Speeding Up, Making a Connection, Finding a Home

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was playing so many MMO that I wasn’t making a connection in any of them – and I wasn’t really getting anywhere in any of them either. It was frustrating. It’s not because I’m unsatisfied with any of the games either, but because I love them all and I’m incredibly indecisive. My day to day is spent making decisions for 2 children all day long and when it comes time to making decisions for myself, I find myself at as loss. Sometimes.

I’ve made some decisions for my sanity. First up, my MMO of choice (for at least 3 months), Guild Wars 2. Why? Because it has the greatest accumulation of things I enjoy in an MMO, and a LOT of stuff I have never done before. Not just HoT, or PoF, but living stories and world events. It has a huge amount of content that I’ve never explored despite having a number of level 80 characters. The content is fun, and I enjoy working towards a goal. My goal in this case is to get an ascended weapon for my main, and flesh out ascended accessories. I’ll stick with exotic armour for now.

Why 3 months? So I can put down roots, get attached to the game (again) and actually make some progress. There’s a good number of friends who play (I’m stargrace.4917 if you want to add me to friends), and the game is beautiful. I’ve also been making a few Medal.TV clips of some vistas and world events which are just good old fashioned fun.

Does that mean ALL I’m going to play is GW2? No, of course not. What sort of Nomadic Gamer would I be if I just stuck to one game all of the time. I’ll still explore a number of single player games I have in my steam library, whatever wanders for free over to the Epic launcher, Sims 4 because come on it’s Sims, and I’m sure a few other MMO type games will make an appearance, like WoW (my subscription is active for the next 6 months still thanks to paying for it with gold), Wurm Unlimited (still waiting for those priest changes), and EVE – but my main focus will be GW2. Since I’m pretty busy with being a full time Mom and a part time student, that may not leave a whole heck of a lot of time for other stuff but we’ll see how it goes.

I like having direction. I like knowing what I want to go after, and then going after it. I want to form those connections that I used to have back when I played EQ2 as my main game almost exclusively. Sure, we can’t go back to gaming days of yore, I get that, but I also have to keep trying to re-capture whatever “it” is that makes me happy to be a gamer.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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