Lets Track All the Things

I’ve been trying to complete achievements and other bits and bobs in GW2 since my return, and so far it’s going quite well. I’m working on upgrading to an ascended weapon (long term I’d like a legendary weapon, but that will take some time), ascended accessories, and maybe ascended crafted gear but I’m in no rush for that. One of my absolute favourite sites to use is GW2Efficiency, where you can put in the GW2 api for your account and instantly track all sorts of neat things. I use it to mark off which world bosses I’ve completed for the day, along with general account interests.

One of the other main things I use it for is for tracking crafting. It will take into account your stored craft goods, and tell you the steps to craft each item. I HIGHLY suggest checking it out if you haven’t yet, and if you use the site as much as I do, maybe consider tossing them a bit of a donation, they do have a few perks for those who help them out.

Have a GW2 site that you simply can’t live without? Let me know below in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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