An Ascended Weapon (finally)

I finally crafted my first ascended weapon – old weapon on the left, new one on the right (yeah I need to upgrade it and add those infusion slots) – I love it! It’s about time my little guardian had an upgrade. She’s been using the same weapon for a few years now.

I’ve been following a guide on how to gear up my character, focusing on accessories and weapons before any gear. There isn’t a huge difference between ascended gear and exotic gear, and I’m not doing anything fancy these days (not even fractals) so exotic should suit me just fine.

I did also swap some pieces around. As a friend said, I was a ‘glass cannon’ – able to do a lot of dmg but not take any hits, and it was affecting my solo PVE. Now I’m a bit hardier. I spent a few days hanging around Silverwastes getting the bits and bobs I needed, but I’m so glad that I did!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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