GW2 Goals

I have a few goals I’m working on in GW2 now that I have my ascended weapon completed. I want to finally finish the Heart of Thorns story line – I’m very close, and I’m also close to map completion which really pleases me. I’ve been fitting in some time between doing everything else life requires to get hero points, experience, and all that good stuff. I was lucky enough to tag along a few trains over the weekend to get things I was missing, and while I couldn’t stay for an entire train on any occasion I was able to re-join during the portions that I needed next time around.

I have a necromancer sitting at level 67, so another goal is to reach 80 on that character. I also need to level a few crafts up to max level – in my case that means leatherworking, artificer, and huntsman. None of them are cheap, which is why I’ve been holding off. It will cost me a bit over 200 gold. Thankfully I do already have the others maxed out.

Once I’ve completed HoT I want to move on to the living world stories that I’ve neglected, starting with season three. Then progress through Path of Fire, and Living World Season 4. I’m sure all of it will take some time, but it’s nice to have goals to work towards.

I’m also working towards ascended gear on the guardian (my main) and map completion because she’s still not quite there yet. I’m inching towards 3500 achievement points which means another nice reward from ANet. I love going after achievements, and while it’s slow going, it is rewarding.

What is everyone else up to? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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