Donating towards the Guild

As much as I love GW2 and my adventures in it – there is one very big major issue I have, and that is how smaller guilds are blocked from ever achieving any of the really neat guild hall upgrades, and sometimes even the guild hall itself.

I wish you could unlock it with gems, or gold, or harvested items, or anything that didn’t necessarily require you to have a group come together all at the same time. I feel like guild halls should be something that everyone gets to enjoy, whether you are in an enormous raiding guild that does fractals on a daily basis, or you’re in an ultra casual family friendly guild with friends who meet up once a month.

The way that guilds are handled bugs me. It always has, and unless something changes, it always will.

Still, it doesn’t stop me from donating as much as I can to ours, in the hopes that we earn enough guild status from one of the few events we can complete to actually get something done. The members of KR have worked really hard to reach the level and outpost that we have so far, and I want to continue to help and level it further, but with one person it’s not that easy.

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    I totally agree. The way Guilds were handled prior to Heart of Thorns was infinitely superior. You could do pretty much anything with one or two people provided you had the patience. Now it’s go big or go home.

    Anet did it completely intentionally, too. They wanted to squash small guilds and force everyone into large ones. My guess is there are database issues at the root of the change. With every account having five guilds the potential for data bloat must be immense.

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