Closer to those Goals

I’m on the final story quest in Heart of Thorns expansion, and I’ve actually managed to complete one of the maps – I’m also pretty close to completing the final two maps thanks to some HoT HP trains that have been running over the past few weekends. I’ll need help with the story (which irks me a bit, seeing as the entire rest of the story I was able to do solo) but I’m REALLY looking forward to finally completing this so that I can move on with the living world stories, and then move on to PoF. Unlocking the mounts that are available is something I want to complete, and maybe I’ll even get caught up with the current living world story.

Stranger things have happened!

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    It’s a fair old while since I finished HoT but I could have sworn the actual storyline is solo right to the end. There’s the huge Dragon’s Stand meta-event (one of the absolute highlights of the whole of GW2’s seven year run, so don’t miss it) but that’s separate from the finale of the single-player storyline, isn’t it?

    What I do recall is that the very last storyline instance was so hard I had to get Mrs Bhagpuss to duo it with me (and me with her for her character that was doing it) but that was down to my skills not being up to the mark; it was intended to be soloed, I’m almost certain. I guess it might have changed but usually if ANet change anything they make it easier…

    • stargrace says:

      The wiki says bring a group, and I’m so glad I did. I brought two guild mates with me, and in the final fight two of us were frozen almost the entire time while one of our incredibly geared / knowledgeable players basically solo’d the entire boss fight. There’s just no way I would have been able to do that in a million years. It was awesome to watch.

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