Picking Out Mount Skins

Yesterday ArenaNet announced a new promotion for GW2 where for 2400 gems you’d get a little bundle of goodies each Tuesday for four weeks. Each week you DIDN’T buy the bundle, the cost would go up slightly. The first bundle included a dye pack, a mini pack, and two mount skins to choose from.

Now I only have two mounts unlocked so far (the raptor and the springer) but I have high hopes of getting the rest unlocked over time. I absolutely could not pass up on the Starshell skin for the roller beetle mount even though I am no where near getting it.

I also picked out a skin for the skimmer mount, that’s one I should be able to get fairly soon.

What can I say, to quote Pixel One – “GW2 end game is Fashion Wars” – she’s completely right, and I love it.

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