What Am I Playing – May Edition

Ever the nomadic gamer I’m sure this list will change and evolve, but I saw a few ‘what are my goals, what am I playing’ type posts and I want to list what I hope May will look like for me. Whether or not it will actually end this way, I have no idea, we’ll just have to see. I’m also finishing up two of my three courses for school so things (along with young kids and family) are pretty hectic.

Playing Multiplayer: Minecraft (on a combat wombat server with friends, heavily modded and lots of fun), GW2 (with friends, I’ve got some big dreams in this game), Wurm Unlimited (as always on the Sklotopolis server).

Retired from: WoW (I just can’t seem to get into BFA at all, so I’m putting this on the back burner). EVE Online (I WANT to play this game, a lot, but I can’t seem to find the time…) LOTRO (even with a lifetime account, I just can’t seem to get motivated).

Single Player: ANNO 1800 (such a fun game to play), Sims 4 (one of my ultimate favourites), Dwarf Fortress (because I must), and maybe some RimWorld (I haven’t quite decided yet).

Goals? I’ve got some but they’re pretty tentative, so I’m not going to post about them quite yet.

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