Gaming Together

Me and my husband met in a video game (EverQuest 2) so it’s no surprise that we’re both still gamers. With the addition of two kids, a few moves, and a new job, we’ve both had very little gaming time these days.

We decided to try to make a little bit of time, but none of our old favourite games were reaching out – so I suggested FFXIV – and he jumped at the chance. I’ve never made it past level 17 before, there’s hype due to a new expansion, and we both own the previous expansions due to some very nice sales (Heavensward is free right now in the SquareEnix store for both PC and PS4).

We’re on the Cactuar server, you can find me as Velours Reveurs if you’d like to add to friends. I’m a conjurer going White Mage (eventually) and he’s playing a Gladiator going Paladin (I believe).

I’ve been looking up things like mounts (need level 20), housing (need level .. 50?) and appearance gear (also level 50) and it all basically just tells me we need to level – so that’s what we’ll hopefully do. I can’t wait to share some FFXIV stories with everyone and it feels great to be gaming with the husband again.

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