What Makes a Good Streamer?

Before someone gets all bent out of shape yes this is 100% opinion, but I still want to share it.

Since having my two children my gaming time has been much reduced but I still have time to watch streamers, and that has been a really good way for me to keep in touch with a community while feeling pretty lonely. I’m in a new province with two young kids in an unfamiliar town with a husband who works long hours. Coping with postpartum depression has been really hard and I know that without these communities I’d be even worse off.

Watching so many streamers means I have some very specific criteria that I use to judge who is “good” to watch. These criteria are based on my interests and lifestyle, and they won’t be what you use to decide who to watch, but it might help you out a bit.

  1. Friendly. no matter how many people are around. I love streamers who make the small guy feel important. I don’t care if you have 1 viewer or 100 viewers or 10,000 viewers. I’m watching you because I am interested.
  2. Language. Now, this one is situational. I don’t mind some cursing here and there, but when it’s every 3rd word chances are I’m tuning in to someone else. I’ve got kids around, and I watch a whole lot of chill relaxed streamers who don’t cuss a whole lot. Sure, one or two may slip out, but if you can handle an intelligent conversation without spewing hatred all over the place, that’s fantastic.
  3. Reliable. I’m not talking a set schedule that never ever changes because hey lets face it life happens – but if I know I can count on you, if I know what hours you stream, I’m going to make it a point to be there. In some cases I will even make sure my schedule is free just so that I can watch.
  4. Chill games. Some of my favourite streams to watch are not gaming at all but are cooking streams, or crafting streams. Or just interest streams where you’re wandering around looking for a place to eat lunch. They’re streams where the streamer is calm, relaxed, and real. Down to earth.

What streamers have I been watching lately?

  • Squirrel – Does a lot of simulator streams like Euro Truck, very calm, a few curses but not heavy.
  • Bacon Donut – a family friendly minecraft streamer who uses a lot of mods, and it’s awesome.
  • NotEmerse – Streams a bit of everything, but has amazing conversations too.
  • Dustygaming – Mostly MMO gaming, his streams are relaxed and he’s always eager to talk, no matter who is around.
  • ChefJohnReed – Cooking streams (during the week). Friday is a cook-along stream, and it’s amazing.
  • SimCopter1 – One of the most chill relaxing streamers I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. He just had a baby boy, and things have gotten interesting.

There are others I watch, but these are the “regulars” who have taken up the slots lately. If you want to know who else I’m watching, you can check out who I’m following.

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