Ascended Axe for the Mesmer

I crafted a lovely new ascended axe for my mesmer – I’ve been using a specialization that is a combination of axe and pistol (greatsword for range) and am absolutely loving it. I feel like my mesmer is pushing out fairly nice dps and she isn’t a glass cannon. A much different feeling than my guardian (who I love to play, but mesmer is probably my favourite class).

I also crafted an ascended backpack – next I’ll be working on a pistol but that requires a restocking of supplies since I am out of some essentials. In the meantime it will be time to work towards my legendary, and obtain ascended gear for the rest of my slots. I have two accessory, but want the rest upgraded too.

There’s no real NEED to upgrade all of this seeing as I do not raid or even do group content (I’d love to, it just never works out) but it’s still nice to have goals to work towards.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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