Converters & Map Completion

I feel like I’m a bit all over the place when it comes to completing things in GW2. There are some things I need map meta to do, other things that are simply too hard. Looking through my inventory I have bits and pieces of random things all over the place. In PoF a few masteries are actually collections, so I have the starter item for those and they’re on my list of ‘many things I need to do’.

I’m also still trying to work on converters to get rid of extra currency that I have. The ones I want involve HoT, which of course is an expansion that I don’t exactly enjoy.

I also want to work on the cat collection, to get cats to my housing instance. The roller beetle collection is one I want to start. Working on the legendary bow so I can get a tiger backpack, and a legendary axe because I want the axe. World map completion because I’ve never finished it before. LWS2-4 because those stories are ones I’ve never done. Finishing PoF. Working on Skyscale. Collecting miniatures. Working on unlocking armour skins.

There’s just so much to do! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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