What the Heck was that Event All About?

There was a new build and a small patch yesterday for GW2 which was great, but when I logged back in to Lion’s Arch I also saw that there was a global quest going on.

The quest wanted people to donate mithril ingots to the mystic forge, for science. No other reason was provided, no rewards aside from the achievement point ones I posted above (there are a few others that I didn’t actually get because I ran out of mithril). Ingots quickly started rising in price on the market. People started getting impatient, because every time a shipment departed the counter would re-set. They were throwing gold directly into the forge with no idea about why, or what (if any) rewards there would be.

After a while it seemed like something was wrong. ArenaNet confirmed this and then while I was afk making lunch for my family a series of events happened. The quest was taken down (or completed?) and players (some, not all) who participated were granted a chest with 5k karma.

ArenaNet apologized for their issues (what those specific issues were, I have no idea aside from some people missing out) and that was all I heard. I have no idea what the point of this quest was, if it was leading to something bigger, was the 5k karma the intended reward, how long it will take the price of mithril to balance again, and why they were holding a world event in the middle of a work day on a Tuesday of all times. The whole thing was just very odd.

I’m glad we get these weird unique events, but this one probably needed a bit more testing first before it went live.

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