I have been slowly chipping away at my legendary, and this week I worked towards completing the World vs World vs World portion – gift of battle. My server cluster isn’t that great at WvW so it was a lot of getting steamrolled by others, but I actually enjoy PvP so it wasn’t THAT painful. Each day I would just work towards the next rank in the track, and before I knew it, done. I went from rank 1 to rank 11, and got a handful of other goodies too.

I wish that the warclaw mount wasn’t tied to a track because you can only work on one at a time, but the mount also requires some other stuff, so it would have been nice to have been able to complete it. As it is, now I’ve switched tracks to the mount and I doubt I’ll be getting it any time soon because the desire to go back to WvW is not as urgent as it was while I was working on my legendary.

Ah well, it was a nice break from PvE in any case, and I’m very glad to have gotten it done.

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