Luck? What is That..

I do my best to boost magic find as much as I can, but with over 800 hours played, I have still never gotten a pre-curser or an ascended piece of gear to drop.

My luck holds true no matter what game I find myself in. If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    Between us, Mrs Bhagpuss and I have many, many thousands of hours played in GW2. In what will be seven years this summer, we have had precisely one pre-cursor drop for each of us. I didn’t get my first for around four years, over which time I’d played first two and then three accounts almost every day.

    Ascended armor and weapons, drop frequently enough in WvW that I stopped being amazed when I got one long ago. Ascended Rings, which are really intended to be salvaged, drop frequently enough that I have enough spares to fill more than one bank section on my main account. I do find Ascended drops rarely in PvE though.

    As for Magic Find, it’s largely accepted to be all but useless these days, if indeed it was ever any good for anything, which I doubt.

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