Tour de Fleece

I’m really tickled with the result of my first 4oz of merino/nylon from Knitpicks. The roving was on sale, marked 40% off, so it was $5 for 4oz, plus I had a 20% discount coupon so after I purchased 2 (planning on plying them together and then knitting socks) I lamented to my husband that I should have purchased more, and he suggested I purchase -20- more.. I thought he was joking, but turns out he was being serious, so I made the purchase and I’m so very excited. It’s roving that I know will get used, that I happen to spin well, and while it’s not coloured, I’m thinking I might dye some up, either as roving or yarn (probably as yarn, I’m afraid of felting roving). The price was amazing, and came with free shipping so I really have no complaints. Except that now I have to wait for it to ship here, of course.

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