Blaugust – What’s in a Name

It is almost August, and with it comes Blaugust. I’ve signed up as a mentor, and I’ll be making some posts throughout the month for those beginner bloggers, those thinking about starting, or even veterans who are not sure what they want to do. Hopefully someone finds them useful, and if not at least I’ve had a good time posting and working towards my personal goal of posting every day for 2019.


This site used to be called MmoQuests, and I kept that name for a very long time (12 years or so). It was the first rendition of my blog, and I chose the name based on what I was writing about at the time, which happened to be EverQuest / EverQuest II – along with many many quests. As the years went on I started to feel that the name of the site was no longer relevant. It started to bother me. I would avoid blogging, and I wasn’t feeling inspired.

I made the decision last year to change to NomadicGamersEh – bringing my love of all kinds of gaming to the forefront (as well as the fact that me and my family are Canadian gamers). I felt MUCH better about the site, and I didn’t feel constrained to write about quests, or mmos. I know it was just a name and I could always write about whatever I wanted, but it felt like an invisible wall pressing down on me. I knew I’d have to make my way back to search functions, tell my audience (what little I have) about the change, get other sites to update their links but I was pretty sure the end result would be worth it.

I have no regrets about changing the name. Since the change I’ve been writing more often, and I don’t feel the old restrictions. I spend a lot of time writing about knitting and fiber arts, even though it says ‘gamers’ in the title. I feel like my site can grow with me, especially as my children grow up. Whether it was all in my head or not I just wasn’t feeling happy about the site, and even though change is pretty scary, I’m really glad I took that jump forward.

If your blog isn’t exciting you any more try to pinpoint why. Do you feel that invisible wall stopping you from making a post because you don’t feel like you have anything relevant to say? Maybe it’s just time to make a little change.

2 Responses to Blaugust – What’s in a Name

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  2. […] is welcome to join in. I know at least one “fiber arts friend” is participating over at NomadicGamersEh. I am hoping to use Blaugust as an excuse to try getting back to posting every day, to share a bit […]

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