August Gaming Goals

Besides participating in Blaugust and tossing a mentor-esc post or two (or more) about that in here for the month, I also have a few set goals I’d like to acomplish gaming-wise. I’m currently playing World of Warcraft and Minecraft – minecraft is the bedrock edition with some friends, WoW I’m playing on both the Hyjal and Argent Dawn servers (Horde vs. Alliance). I’d like a weekly goal to complete the Celestial Tournament in WoW, along with the various battle pet dungeons so I can finish collecting the pets that come from those instances. I’m also keeping up with my auction house runs, I have a character on each account doing that at the moment.

I’m hoping to finish collecting the pets from the two latest zones, I think I’ve gotten all of the ones from the under water one, now I just need to finish the mech zone. It’s a smaller zone and easier to navigate for sure.

In minecraft I’m working on building myself a castle and then some farms. I’d like to find some cats and explore the latest update since I’ve never played the default game before.

I’d also like to make my way through some of my steam library. I have so many games that I’ve never played before, and since I subscribe to the monthly humble bundle I’m always gaining more, too. I started off by playing ‘Cinders‘ which is really quite beautiful even though it released back in 2012. It’s a visual novel where you make choices and follow a certain well known fairy tale and make decisions that can change the way you might remember the story. I purchased it for the artwork, and have zero regrets. So far the tale has been well done, and I can’t wait to see what my next decision will be. Empathetic? Make my sisters suffer? Depends on my mood.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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