LoveNote Sweater Progress

I’ve been (slowly) oh so slowly working away at my LoveNote sweater by TinCanKnits – it’s beautiful and a pretty quick knit, problem is I only get 15 minutes a day (if that) t0 get any of it done, so it’s going pretty slow. I need to knit two more inches on the body, and then I have sleeves and a collar to complete. There are live stitches being held on a crochet chain at the neck currently so I can un-do those and continue knitting upwards. The sleeves will be full length since I’ve opted to do the longer version of this knit.

I’m holding fingering yarn (merino/nylon) along with lace (mohair) to create a really fluffy soft dream like knit. I can’t wait until I can block it and show the lace better.

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