WoW Classic

I know I started off by thinking I’d be playing alliance, but I really wanted to find a home and a bunch of friends from twitter were playing on the horde side, so I abandoned my level 5 dwarf paladin and remade as a tauren druid. Working my way back up was incredibly slow, but I am actually having a good time of it. There are some spawns that are painful due to the sheer number of people around, but for the most part it has been a polite adventure.

Last night I managed to reach level 10 and so this morning I took some time while the children were napping to quest for my first form – bear form. It took an hour due to all of the running around, but eventually I was sporting a brand new tank look.

Thanks to Gracie in guild I also have 6 slot bags, I traded my linen. I picked up alchemy and herbalism, and I’ve found a handful of green items that I hope to put on the auction house. Things are expensive. I keep forgetting to turn on find herb, I forget that I need to visit the trainer and pick up spells, and that if I want to use the other weapons I can train I have to actually go and train the skill.

It’s great seeing so many people but General Chat is already getting annoying. It seems like there is a huge swath of people who dislike the retail version of the game and are very vocal that no one should still be playing it because it’s absolutely horrid. I on the other hand, believe that people should play whatever they enjoy and we should allow them to do so in peace. That doesn’t mean that YOU can’t dislike retail, but how about you voice that opinion without dragging others down. That’s my real issue. I don’t mind those who have a difference in opinion but when your opinion makes others feel bad it might need another look.

How long will I stick with classic? I honestly have no idea. I’d love to get to 60, but I know the road is long and difficult (at least for me and my hours). In the meantime, I’m enjoying the journey.

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