Simple Sales in WoW Classic

My druid is level 13 and I’m sitting on 2g plus some change. Lately I’m spending more time in the auction house than I am leveling, a mixture of life and everyone in the house being sick has taken care of that.

Right now I’m using two addons – tradeskillmaster & auctionator (which works with classic. Auctioneer works with classic at the time of this post, but it doesn’t work alongside TSM, which is what I want it for). I set TSM to use auctionator as a price point, but it will only do a price point of my latest scan and not a history, so its function is limited. In the first busy days instead of taking a risk on the market I’m going for pure profit. I don’t want to take a chance on what sells and what doesn’t – and this means money earning is slower, but at least I know exactly what I’m getting. With so many people in game there are lots of items that have been priced below the vendor value. Now, normally you could use TSM for a vendor search and it would do this all for you, but in classic that doesn’t work.

Don’t worry, there is an incredibly simple work around you can use.

For my sniper operation I have vendorsell-5c and that’s all I needed to do. It snipes anything that has a profit of 5c from the vendor. I used to have it set to 1c but as I earned coin I wanted to see a larger return for a bit less work. If you’re just starting out you can set it to whatever profit you want to see. Remember, this only uses a vendorsell price, so you’re not going to necessarily see all of those great deals going on, you’re only going to see items that would sell more to vendor than they are up on the AH for. Once you establish yourself with a bit of gold, and once this vendorsell market has dried up it is best to move forward and change your operations for your next conquest.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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