Classic Goldmaking

The first week of WoW classic was spent trying to make gold in a very simple way. Taking items people have priced less than vendor price, and reselling them to the vendor. The auction house fees are 5% and that’s actually quite a bit, so I’m avoiding posting items and instead just focusing on cheaper ways. Leveling is going to make you more money than staying at level 1, so I’d really like to find some time to do that but it’s slow going with my limited playtime. I’ve been trying for at least one level a day, but even that is slowing down.

Tradeskillmaster combined with auctioneer are the two addons I’ve been using the most. TSM has updated their latest version to classic, and while you still have to use a manual scan, they are working on it containing historical data. Right now auctionator and TSM do NOT use historical data – auctioneer does. I’m very glad the developers of these apps have taken the time to update and keep track of bugs. I’ve been hanging out in the TSM discord since I started using it and I’ve picked up on tons of tips and tricks from long time goblins. It requires a bit of paying attention and keeping track of questions and answers but it’s well worth it.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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