An ARK Story

The screenshot above is a capture of the best moment I ever had in ARK. I was playing with Ysharros and my husband and I spotted a brontosaurus egg off in the distance. Mommy dinosaur was a little ways away, and the lure of the egg was too great for me, so I snatched it.

Mommy dinosaur saw me, and started running for me. She would not rest until she had her revenge and she was PISSED. She completely destroyed the little base I had set up down the beach and continued to hunt me – so I dove into deep water and swam to an island, where I became stranded because Mommy dinosaur was still there.

My husband, smart man that he is, decided to fly down on his pterodactyl and scoped me up in his claws, and I cackled as we flew over the brontosaurus. Then his flying dinosaur started to run out of steam as we were overhead. We started cruising lower and lower until I fell right on top of Mommy who had NOT forgotten that I stole her egg.

I was promptly killed and eaten.

It was hilarious, and I laughed so hard at the whole scene, there was just no other response that fit. It’s moments like those that make me so glad I game, and my husband games, and when we can find a moment here and there we actually game together.

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