Making Gold in Classic

I’m still making gold slowly while the market establishes itself and people level up which is to say that I’m doing a linen bag flip. I buy all linen over 20c, and make bags and sell them to vendor for 50c profit each bag (or more, if I get linen for under 20c). It’s slow, but it’s what I can handle game-wise.

I’ve also been searching the AH for deals that I can hang onto until sometime in the future. Herbs that will be used in PvP potions when battlegrounds come out, gear that will be used for the 10-19 twink bracket. The problem is my server is HEAVILY slanted towards alliance, there are about 8,000 horde to 30,000 alliance in fact. That makes things harder. Well, not harder per say, but sales are slower.

On the plus side that also means competition isn’t QUITE as stiff.

All this classic gold making has me itching to go back to retail servers and work harder there at making some gold too, so I might do that from time to time. I’m paid up on my account for quite a while, so I don’t need gold to pay for my subscription any time soon, but I love playing the market. I’m learning a lot just by being in the WoW Economy discord and reading chat. It’s all about doing whatever brings you joy, right? I might only be level 15 (still) but hey, at least it’s something.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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