My Celestial Family

After years of working on the celestial tournament I FINALLY finished picking up all 4 pets that you earn from it. See, it’s not defeating the tournament that was the issue, but each pet required 3 tokens and you earn 1 token a week. I would often just forget to do it, or miss it by a reset, or just get distracted or frustrated with xyz thing and move on to something else.

Today I finally picked up Zao, and now I own all 4. I don’t think I’ll continue doing the tournament weekly, either, because you can’t sell the pets, and there’s really no reason for me to put myself through that any longer. Instead I’ll work on completing the weekly pet battle dungeons and obtaining the pets that come from those. It’s a lot like the celestial tournament in that you require multiple weeks to earn a currency to purchase the pets, but with a bit of time (and a few years) I might actually collect them all.

Speaking of collections, I took a look at my standings and it looks like there may not be very many pet collectors around because I’m ranked 22nd over all! This is a combination of pet achievements, levels, and the collection in general. Technically there are two sites with rankings, and each one gives me a different value so I’m curious as to which one is more ‘true’ – but either way, I’m pretty happy.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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