AddOns to Help you Make More Gold

I am a huge fan of some pretty specific addons that help me make gold easier. They won’t do the heavy lifting for you, but once you figure out how to use them to your advantage you might wonder how you ever managed without.

First up – Tradeskillmaster. This is an enormous auction house suite. I’ve been using it for roughly two years now and it’s my absolute go-to as far as making gold. It tracks sales, expenses, and allows you to create groups of items and then assign operations to those groups. What does that mean? It means if you’re looking to buy xyz item under a specific amount and run sniper, you can see it show up. It means that if you want all of your potions to be posted in groups of 5 10 15 and 20 you can do that. If you want to vendor items that have been up on the AH for x amount of times, you can do that too.

The thing is there’s quite a learning curve and it’s easy to be intimidated if you’re unfamiliar with the language. Thankfully, there are TONS of resources out there. I use pre-made groups and then assign my own operations based on what I want to do with those groups. It’s HIGHLY recommended that you learn how to use this program and don’t just copy & paste someone else’ operations, because you might not want it doing what they have it doing and you won’t even know because you don’t understand the strings. Believe me when I say this, it is worth it. Stick with it. If you have questions there is a very popular discord or you can even give me a nudge and I’ll do my best.

TSM also replaces the crafting window with a lot of incredibly useful information, like who you need to log to next to make use of their cool down crafts, and who has what in their bags for crafting. You can also queue crafting, and it will direct you on who to log on. You can also see what craft items are selling, and for how much. Like I said, there’s a TON to this addon, and it’s completely worth learning.

MogIt is another addon that I absolutely love because I can see what something looks like just by mousing over it. Important for those transmog purchases (or sales). I combine this with All The Things, which basically lists absolutely everything there is to collect in game, and whether or not you own it. I do mean EVERYTHING. The addon is amazing.

LootAppraiser is another that I love. It shows you the value of items as you loot them based on your TSM settings. Server wide, region wide, it will give you an estimated price based on the blizzard API and scans of the auction house. I used to use this one in challenges with my husband but it has been a little while now.

Altoholic is one of those that some may find useful and others may not. I use it to show me what characters I have, the coin they have, tokens, and useful pieces of information like that. While it doesn’t directly help me make any more gold, it is all information that I appreciate having collected all in one spot. I tend to have a lot of alts.

That’s it! Those are my most used addons. Every so often I may add one here and there, and it doesn’t take into consideration all the pet addons I have, but for making gold, these ones (especially TSM) are my go-to.

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    Add ons are fine in games where they have been designed in, as they were for WoW, but I do wish Blizzard would have a server that didn’t allow any at all. I’d pay a small premium above the regular subscription to play on a server like that. Some are harmless but anything that disadvantages players who don’t choose to use them risks creating an unfair playing field. It’s a bit like non-censensual PvP in a way. Totally acceptable for those that want it but those who don’t deserve an alternative.

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