The End of Week 2

It was a fairly successful week of sales – even though I was worried because I spent over 100k on a mount. I ended up reselling it for a smaller profit than I had anticipated because I got cold feet and didn’t want to wait for it to sell (others were also selling) but a profit is still nice.

Sales have been a mixture of consumables, raw materials, and a handful of transmog items. I’ve tried to run a dungeon here and there to restock my supplies, but aside from that it has been mostly hands off. I’ve been spending my free time in classic working the auction house there, trying to reach 1,000 gold (a lofty goal) in 365. Since I’m only level 12, it’s slow going. When you’re level 60 you have greater means to pull in coin.

Have any hefty mailboxes this week? Find a new great sale item? Let me know in comments, I’m always eager to hear from fellow goblins.

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