Warcraft Classic Gold Making

I started over in World of Warcraft classic with gold making, fresh character, wanting to see how much I could earn and aiming for 1k in 365 days just to have a goal. A few weeks in and I’m over 200 gold now, with about 200g worth of items on the AH (not all will sell). My character is unfortunately still level 15, and will probably stay that way, so even though I have all this gold, I have very little use for it except to buy more things to sell. Fun experiment, but since everyone in my guild quit in protest of Blizzard, it’s lonely times and not much fun for my mental health. I log in and do some AH stuff then tend to log right back out.

Retail is a bit better, at least, especially since my husband is playing. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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