Bracer Shuffle

By now you’ve probably heard about the infamous bracer shuffle in BFA – and if you haven’t, well, you will. It’s pretty simple. There’s a google document that you fill out with information about your server prices, and you figure out which bracers are worthwhile for you to craft – then you craft them. You craft a lot of them. Once crafted, you scrap the greens, and pray for expulsom (or whatever those no trade blue bits are called that are also used in crafting). Then you DE the blues.

From there you can do a few things. Take the items you get from DE and craft enchants to sell (especially with 8.3 coming up, people will be getting new gear and want it enchanted) and then you take the items you make that will be purple, and you DE those. Then you sell the raw enchanting materials – OR you craft that into valuable enchants that sell for well above what the cost of the original bracer was.

That’s why in the screenshot above, my guild bank is full of cloth.

Bring on the bracer shuffle.

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  1. asmiroth says:

    I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but this was originally called the Saronite Shuffle – back in the WotLK days. The gist was that you needed a few different crafters to get through it all – JC, Alchemist, and Enchanter included. Every expansion since then has had some sort of version, but they are usually limited to the later part of an expansion when the raw materials are cheaper to buy. It’s also the reason that auto-crafters have a confirm button now.

    If you want to be ultra-efficient, buy mats when they are rock bottom (typically on weekends), and double post on Tues/Wed/Thurs when raiding groups tend to peak. Double post = post early in the day, then cancel them later at night and repost for the very late crowd. Does require something like Auctioneer to manage though… It will improve your returns by at least 20%.

    Good luck getting that mount

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