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WoW Classic has become a bit of a sour point for me. My guild completely fell apart once the whole Blizzard & China thing happened, and I lost all motivation to log in. The whole point of playing was to be there with friends. I felt bad that I gave away gold and items to people who left – and I get it, it had nothing to do with me and was completely their own decision and choices, but it left me feeling sorry for myself. I use gaming as a means to be social when I spend the majority of my days watching out for my two littles, and I was sad that it was taken away from me. I know why lines in the sand are drawn, but my mental health plummeted.

So I avoided playing until today. I decided to return to making a little gold and seeing what I could acomplish with limited play time. I’m sitting on around 211 gold at the moment, with about 150g worth of items in the auction house. Here’s hoping some items actually sell. I’m a small time goblin compared to most, but every little gold helps.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Atheren says:

    If you ever want to go Alliance, I have a couple of characters in an active guild where most seem to have kids. I think you’d find a good spot there. Let me know.

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