November(?) Sales in Review

I did graphs of my sales back in November, but I didn’t blog about it (whewps) so I decided why not post it now. November was a GREAT month for glyph sales – which have slowed down a bit since then due to competition, but is still one of my main crafts. My greatest sales came from my ‘misc’ category, which is all transmog, pets, mounts, and supplies for crafts that I don’t actively participate in (such as ore, from blacksmithing). How did I do? Lets go over the results…

  • Cooking – 24,047
  • Misc – 750,033
  • Tailoring – 141,187
  • Inscription – 136,491
  • Enchanting – 175,951
  • Alchemy – 66,121

Enchanting and Tailoring are a bit miss leading because those two categories I sold mostly raw materials and not actual crafted goods. Now of course things are upside down and backwards and the whole world of gold making has been in turmoil since 8.3 released, so things are very different. I’ll do a post on that soon and compare how I used to make gold, to how I make gold now.

December saw me purchase my AH mount for 5 million gold, and since then I’ve made a good amount more. I’ve purchased a few Trading Card Game pets that I wanted, I bought Shadowlands for all of my accounts (I have 5 at the moment), as well as Shadowlands for my husband (the $80 CAD one that came with a boost). I also purchased game time for my multibox team, though 2 of my accounts are on 6 month subscriptions, so I didn’t bother buying time for them.

I’m currently debating boosting up my multibox team to 8. I admire and respect those I see who have 16-40+ accounts running at once, it absolutely blows my mind and yet people out there are doing it. I’ve watched a few streams, and tried to learn to adapt and change with this new gold making world, but it will continue to take some time. As long as I keep finding interest in it, I’ll keep doing it, and hopefully I can pass off some tidbits of useful information to someone else out there.

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