The NationState of Sklotopolis

NationStates is a weird little forum-based game, where players create nations and then deal with running that nation. I know almost zero beyond that point, I’ve always ended up abandoning my nation after a few days because I’ve forgotten to log in and deal with the issues. This time a few Combat Wombats have joined up and we’ve moved to a region together where we might be able to have a little more influence. I resurrected an old nation I created almost a year ago to the day – I guess it’s around this time I start to wander into these types of games, lol.

It’s nothing much, yet, but we’ll get there. A bustling population of 127 million, they enjoy fishing, their national animal is the Quail (of course) and if you want to check it out, you can see it here. Why not create your own little nation while you’re at it! Let me know in comments what you’ve created, and if you really get into it I want to hear!

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  1. Malcolm Peralty says:

    I can’t believe NationStates still exists. If you haven’t read Jennifer Government by Max Barry, you should… He had NationStates created around the time of that book.

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