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Now that I have my auction house mount (also known as Brutosaurus AKA LongBoi) I had to decide if I wanted to continue working on making gold (of course I do) whether or not I would track it (I decided to) and what I would end up doing with that gold if I decided to continue.

When I started multiboxing I was initially frustrated with it, and it took a lot for me (mentally) to handle running around with 5 accounts – but the fact was that gold DID come easier with a group of 5 rather than a group of 1 or 2. I couldn’t deny it. The more I got used to multiboxing, the more I enjoyed it, so at the time of writing this I’ve purchased Shadowlands for all of my accounts and I’ve set them up with game time to last a while. I also picked up three trading card game pets for my collection, and I bought Shadowlands for my husband. In the future I’m thinking a giveaway (or two) may be in order, as a thank you to the community that I’ve become a part of.

That’s the part that surprised me. There is a robust, kind-hearted, informative community out there that focuses on gold making and I am incredibly happy to have become a small part of it. As long as you’re not rude and obnoxious, most people are eager to answer questions and help you out (and vice versa in my case). I’ve started getting to know people, and pushed aside social anxieties to welcome this new community that I’ve found myself a part of. I created a new twitter account for a gold making world of warcraft focus, and since then I’ve also created a new email address, a twitch account, and various other social media personas focused around “GirlGoblin1” – I even commissioned a piece of artwork of my goblin character (my old horde main, a goblin priest who goes by Seduit).

I started my team in Suramar, an easy farm that required nothing more than me killing mobs and collecting cloth. Then I used a tailor with rank 3 pants to craft those and sell them to vendor. Rinse. Repeat.

I did this for weeks on end, an hour or two each day. That’s what helped push forward my gold making capabilities, beyond what playing the auction house was already bringing in. Remember, my time to play is limited – I needed to optimize. I can barely faction grind on my main, let alone each of my alts who would require crafting recipes. Once I felt confidence in my boxing team I started doing BFA content. I listened to other multiboxers, learned what teams they were using, which farms they considered profitable, and gleaned any bit of information I could.

It’s easy to get bored with boxing the same spots over and over, so I try to change it up. I don’t make as much as some of the goblins out there, but I do make more than enough for my own personal goals and aspirations and honestly, that’s all I need. I continue to push myself and my gold making capabilities – but not too much – burn out is very real. I took a much needed break once I purchased that AH mount for 5 million. Gold has also become a little bit less of a ‘need’ and more of a ‘well it’s fun’ – which is nice. It’s not quite so urgent that I earn a specific amount each day.

I’ll get into more specifics another time, in the meantime – happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Joshua Trainor says:

    Thanks for the reading. By chance any suggestions for multi boxing setups, key binds etc?

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