Using That Handspun

I’ve been trying to make an effort this year to use up some handspun yarn, but honestly since I’m so new at spinning not all of it suits the projects I like to knit. I did make a scarf that I love, but there’s still lots of yarn to turn into something pretty.

I’ve also still got fiber on my wheel right now, a tencel merino blend that I absolutely adore. I have no idea what I’ll knit with it yet, but the colours are fabulous and I hope it plys up the way I see in my mind. I’ve been trying to take my time with this fiber, but since there has been such a long break between spinning I’m a bit rusty.

I’ll be looking for more projects to knit up with my handspun as time goes on. Yarn is pretty and I love collecting it but I’d also like to turn it into something pretty even more.

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