Yesterday I hit level 48 on my marauder thanks to the daily roulette, and I’m working through the main story though I’m only in the 30’s for that. I know you can purchase a boost that will unlock all the story stuff from the mog station but I wanted to experience it myself, otherwise what’s the point in playing.

I reached level 35 in mining and I’m learning how much I dislike harvesting 99 nodes for NPC only slightly less than I enjoy harvesting 15 high quality nodes. It’s nice brainless work at least, so I can relax from the daily grind of smushing mobs.

I hired two retainers and I designated one as an explorer and one as a miner. I was contemplating paying for extras but then I saw the price and I have no idea if it’s worth it or not. The completionist in me wants to hire all 8, but that would be an extra $14 a month USD on top of my subscription and that seems like a lot. It’s something I’ll think about though.

I’ve unlocked some dungeons and housing zones and as I did that I came up with my ultimate FFXIV goal for myself which is to own an awesome home some place. I’m not really familiar with how it all works yet but I believe I have to wait until plots are open just like ArcheAge which I absolutely hated. Maybe that’s not the case, but I think that’s how the system works. I also need a LOT more gil (currency) than I have now. The cheapest house is a room I can rent in our FC house, which is 300,000 gil. I am close to affording that much at least, but I am no where near the millions required for an actual home.

Some people dungeon, some raid, some collect – me? I do housing.

It’s nice to have goals.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    Completely agree that you should do the MSQ at least once. It’s pretty easy to get way ahead of it anymore, as you have noted, but it eventually slows down and starts to catch up to you. My Viera character that I started relatively recently has done no side quests at all — only MSQ and unlocks — and is level 71 and now has the MSQ up to level 64.

    Once you get past level 50 the “MSQ Roulette” opens up. It’s random which of the 2 level 50 MSQ dungeons that it gives you. There are cutscenes inside the dungeons that make the 1st one take about 35 minutes, and the 2nd one takes about 45 minutes. But they give about 1/3rd and 1/2 of a level respectively, plus a TON of the “Poetics” tomestones (500 per run normally, 600 if someone new is along) which are very useful up through level 70, so if you’ve got the block of time, then it’s very worth running that roulette daily.

    Housing is very expensive, but money isn’t too hard to get. I won’t say it pours in, but at 80 I seem to get about 200K gill per day just from the roulettes and hunt bills that I do each day. Something to keep in mind is that you really don’t need to buy gear, so you can save your gil by not doing that. There are a ton of MSQ quests at level 50 that will give you gear for the level 51-60 quests, plus the MSQ throughout Heavensward will give gear too. This pattern repeats in Stormblood and Shadowbringers also.

    After level 60 the leveling dungeons are designed to give a ton of gear — there are several chests throughout each dungeon that give gear in addition to the boss fights, plus when you complete the dungeon you are guaranteed a piece for your job that you don’t already have. Dungeons give enough xp that if you just chain run them you’ll get the 2 levels that they give gear for before you’ve completed a full set too, so… it’s really not necessary to buy gear at all. Save that gil for your house!

    Yeah, the gathering jobs are pretty mindless. In the higher levels you can get “scrip” to buy gear that will suffice for anything that you need, but getting to 50 to be able to do that is a bit of a grind. By level 70 though, the xp per node is quite high — I got from level 70 to 80 in about 5 hours without doing leve quests, so… yeah, it oddly gets faster as you level up. Go figure, right?

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