So many cut scenes, so little time

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy for a bit over two weeks now, and I have been having such an incredible time I wonder why I didn’t stick with the game previously. Granted, experience is VASTLY changed to how it was when I used to play, but the game really does cater to everything I love in an MMO.

Two weeks in I’ve managed to finish the first Main Story Quest (MSQ) and move past the filler quests that led to Heavensword, which is where I’m at now. I loved my Warrior, but I had high anxiety tanking dungeons which are a requirement for the MSQ (you can bypass this for a small fee) so I swapped over to Red Mage, which I enjoy but I don’t love.

I’m now a level 57 red mage, with a 50 warrior. I plan on adding a white mage to my arsenal along with a dancer once I hit 60.

I’ve also been doing a LOT of crafting and harvesting which so far is just pure joy.

  • 62 mining
  • 46 goldsmith
  • 34 armourer
  • 19 carpenter
  • 15 blacksmith
  • 15 leatherworker
  • 23 weaver
  • 13 alchemist
  • 11 culinarian
  • 13 botanist
  • 17 fisher

I’ve been collecting poetics and upgrading my gear, my ‘ilevel’ (whatever they call it in this game) is standing at 121 and I’m wearing ironworks gear that I’m slowly upgrading. I’ve also made it to Flame Sergeant First Class, I’m trying to earn more seals so that I can continue to rank up. I’ve been spending my seals on my retainers, so that’s why I haven’t gotten very far in that yet.

I feel like there is SO MUCH to do, and I keep discovering more. Mounts, minions, appearance gear, not to mention the fact that I’m not even near the current content, I’m still expansions behind. It has been a whirlwind of activity, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    I’m with you on the “like but don’t love” on Red Mage. I finished Black Mage to 80 this past weekend, and I’m in the “like but don’t love” camp on it also. I loved it back when ARR was it and 50 was the cap, but the changes to how it plays after that… I didn’t like them then. They’ve been mitigated somewhat since then, but I still just don’t really care for it. On the other hand, with the 5.0 changes it’s actually returned to a pretty simple rotation, so it’s got that going for it….

    In ARR, I felt that Summoner was boring, but then in Heavensward it became a joy. I felt that it stayed awesome in Stormblood, but now the 5.0 changes with Shadowbringers turned it in to a different class, so yet again…. like but don’t love.

    Oddly, I’m loving Bard now, where I’ve never really cared for it before. Go figure, right?

    FWIW, tanking really isn’t a big deal in any “light party” (4-person) dungeon. Raids and trials need advanced tanking like swaps and off-tanking and whatnot, but in a dungeon…. rotate your cooldowns during trash pulls, and on bosses make sure the melees have a flank and a rear to use their positionals on, then just hit cooldowns on the tankbusters. I find tanking normal dungeons in this game to be one of the most chill experiences in any MMO I’ve played. Oddly easier than even doing dps. I saved the 4 tank classes to be the last that I level so that I’m “saving the best for last” as it were. Perhaps a nice FC group that will let you take it slow until you get a feel for it on the Warrior?

    Good on ya for all the crafting too — it’s a rabbit hole to get sucked into, but it’s quite fulfilling, IMO.

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