Shadowlands Goals

Looking at the bigger long term picture there’s some definite things I want to get done before Shadowlands comes out. I’ve been trying to put them on paper so I have a little bit of direction, even if I don’t accomplish it all. It’s just meant to give me a bit of a ‘hey why not work on this’ feeling, not a strict rule or anything.

  1. Level all of the crafting professions on my main account (so far I only have tailoring, enchanting, inscription, and engineering finished, and only two of those are on my main account).
  2. Unlock the rest of the allied races (I’m very close on this one at least).
  3. Level up a warrior.
  4. Obtain the monk class mount (for some reason I’m struggling with this, I can’t seem to get the chain for it working properly since I swapped to and from alliance/horde a few times).
  5. Work on getting a few pets I still don’t have (some TCG, quested, etc).

There’s more that should be on the list, but I can’t think of it right now so I’m going to move forward with what I have and perhaps add on to it as time goes on. We’ll see. Hopefully I at least get the crafting portion done, because that is something I really want out of the way. I imagine once BFA is done I will have very little desire to ever craft that stuff again (especially not having Rk3).

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