EVE? Sure!

Like clockwork, every year I seem to return to EVE Online. I get excited about a new project, or friends are playing, or a new campaign starts. No exception this time. I don’t remember what all I was working towards, but I’m getting myself situated easily enough and already thinking of activating my second account.

First? I needed an R&D agent that handled graviton physics, because my old one hates me. Not sure how I messed up my faction, but there you have it. I’m still doing a lot of drone crafting and these datacore help me out a lot – though I hear there are other ways of getting them now.

I’m looking to what I want to fly next. I’ve got my orca as support for mining, and my tengu for most combat. I want to swing back into PI and hopefully make weekly trips to Jita to sell. A bunch of friends are playing and I think that’s awesome. I’m excited for them.

A lot has changed with the UI since I played last. I forgot I had to hit the journal to find the agents I’m working with. There’s a lot more hand holding for those who want it. In true EVE fashion you’re welcome to play any way you want, but it’s nice to have some guidance if you’re new or returning.

I know people tend to waffle around and next week we may all be playing something new, but it sure is nice to be flying the skies again.

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