Progress is Progress – Harmony Day 5

The steam launch & server launch of Harmony happened on Friday just before noon my time, and it is now early morning on Tuesday, so this marks my 5th day – and of course I’m still enjoying it. The population numbers have barely dipped, and for Wurm, this is a big deal.

Lag yesterday was VASTLY improved, even with 1,000+ on Harmony. There have been some.. issues, with things, like imbues & potions, but nothing dramatic. Trade chat has been changed to include just our clusters since you can’t mail things between the old Freedom and new Freedom servers.

Stargrazer (character on Harmony in case you want to say hello) is sitting at 21.03 faith, I need 30 before I can become a priest of Vynora. I purchased a meditation rug (for 2 silver!) from someone who came to deliver it, and I have also been working up meditation – which is VERY SLOW in case you were wondering. You can reach 15 meditation, then pick a path, and I have no idea which path I will go down. The ‘usual’ path is Path of love for refresh (I find this unhelpful) & enchanting grass (more helpful). Plus I already have Stargrace on Path of Knowledge for the increased skill gains.

These are not set-in-stone decisions that have to be made right away, but they’re things I’d like to figure out before I get there.

Also someone in village has almost reached 80 carpentry already. I find that a bit insane. My skills are coming along, but they’re no where near that.

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