Quail Cove – Independence Style

Even though I’ve been playing on Harmony, I haven’t forgotten my little deed on Hermit Isle – Independence. Quail Cove (named after my favourite deed from Wurm Unlimited) is really coming along. I’ve been here a bit less than a month, starting from scratch with my main – Stargrace. Next, I’m hoping to start with the main house – those plans you see in the screenshot. It’s done in marble, and I can’t wait to decorate it. I also have two more towers to complete, and two rope bridges to join things together. After that, I plan on creating an off-deed orchard, and I’d also like to create a boat entrance to the deed with a mountainside that’s to the left off-screen.

If you’re playing the new steam release of Wurm you probably started on Harmony or Melody, but you do also have the option to start on the older maps – and I highly recommend this. You’ll have a great time exploring ruined lands, and there’s all sorts of abandoned areas to pillage.

Nothing wrong with starting on Harmony or Melody with a fresh batch of people so that you can compete with skilling up – but me? I like the older servers better. Having a history for archaeology and a wide variety of locations to settle down in just makes it seem so appealing, to me.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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