It’s Here!

I recently acquired a Brother KH-930 electronic knitting machine from EBay, that was in really good condition, owned by an older lady who very obviously loved it. It has all of the components for it (and then some) and also came with an 850 ribber (which I will learn to use one of these days).

I’ve been waiting for parts for it for a few months, mail is incredibly slow with covid and who knows when things will get here. The first thing I ordered was a USB to port cord so I can plug it into my laptop. This means I can use patterns that I design in programs like GIMP and then knit them up. I’m INCREDIBLY excited about this.

I’ve also ordered a new sponge bar, but that hasn’t arrived yet. It’s an important part that needs replacing with use and time. The ones that came in the box are absolutely disintegrated. It won’t ruin the needles if I don’t replace it – but knitting is much more difficult, and stitches tend to fall off the needles.

Since I’ve been waiting for these things I haven’t done anything more than a test knit. That, and I’m still trying to make my way through the phone book sized manuals that have come with the machine. It’s quite a learning curve, but I’m pretty excited about the whole process!

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