Much like real life, in game, I also like to organize things. I like spreadsheets and documents and a semblance of order to the chaos that is gaming. Lately I’ve felt very little of this because let’s face it, my entire life is run by two toddlers and a police enforcement husband. I don’t sleep when I want to sleep, I don’t eat when I want to eat, my life is controlled by schedules that are not my own and that can get very frustrating.

I also have a lot of hobbies, so if I don’t have that organization then some of those hobbies tend to fall by the wayside. I like to hand knit, I like to use my circular sock knitting machine, and I’m trying to teach myself to use my flatbed knitting machine. I love to spin yarn, which is a whole process into itself with preparation and completion of yarn. I love to read, not that you’d ever know it. I have also been known to do a cross stitch or two in my day – and I also love to draw, though that talent is one I have barely touched in the last 20 years. I had dreams of re-learning it and I even bought a beautiful tablet to do so but I’ve made zero progress.

You can’t get better at things if you don’t dedicate time towards it. You can’t improve without practice. Unfortunately we’re also limited by the time we have available and with all of these hobbies I enjoy – plus gaming – I’m finding it even harder to find a little ‘me’ time wedged in there. The point? I don’t know if I really have one except to say that the more organized I am in my day to day life, the happier I am. I just wish sometimes it were easier.

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