A Look At Crowfall

Crowfall has been on my radar for years now, but because I had been burned in the past (Landmark, Greedfall) I opted NOT to back the game. I sort of wish I had, but that’s alright.

It has been MANY years since I delved into a new-to-me traditional MMO. There have been multiplayer games like ECO, sure, but my last new MMO I’m pretty sure was ArcheAge. Nothing else has grabbed me, and I’ve been rambling through older MMOs for 15+ years.

Anyway, the game is in beta, and thanks to a 20% discount (available only until August 23rd) I grabbed entry at a not-too-high price.

I created a guinea pig vessel (that’s what they call characters, you’re not an actual character so much as you are a deceased the Gods have picked to return in a vessel). This allows you the freedom and back story to play any race/class combo available, simply popping into another vessel. Classes are restricted by their race, and in the case of the guinea pig folks, there’s no females. I know this is a deterrent for a lot of players, but it doesn’t really bother me personally, so I created my Knight with gusto, and I love the little dude.

First quest in the pve section is very typical – kill 5 wolves. There you learn how combat works and follow breadcrumbs from quest to quest, learning of the world around you.

The game has a crafter driven economy, and is full pvp orientated despite the added pve section. That’s more niche market shenanigans that others may not enjoy but I decided to wing it anyhow. There is also full looting of your corpse, none of which I have any experience with because hey, pve section.

The crafting is simplistic to start out, and fairly intuitive. You harvest trees, rocks, animal pelts, ores, plants, take the goods to a craft station, craft stuff. You have failure rates and you can create better than normal goods or poor quality – the better the stuff you harvest, the more those chances change. You can also re-name your crafted gear, which was interesting to me.

I did not get into the housing zones (also pvp free, called Eternal Kingdoms) but that’s on my list of to-do. The game play and new player experience was pretty smooth, and general chat in the pve section at least was friendly and helpful.

Release date? None given yet, but it’s supposed to come out in 2020. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself, and we’ll see if the whole pvp aspect of it turns me away. I’m thinking that since it’s on a grand scale I may even enjoy myself, much like I did with Warhammer. We’ll see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to A Look At Crowfall

  1. Tagger101 says:

    Wish this wasn’t so PvP focused. Really would like an updated modern MMO to play.

    • Rodney says:

      PVP is the easy route for devs because the players created the content and the devs don’t have to.

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