Look Ma’ – I joined a village?

Waking Hollow. They started out as my neighbours, but since I’m currently playing a Fo priest main over on Cadence, I decided to give up my deed and join an actual functioning village. I’m pretty sure they think I’m a new player, and I didn’t go into big details about who I actually am, but they gave me a nice warm welcome, and I’m working away building a 3×3 home to use. I haven’t joined a village in a VERY long time, but Wurm is one of those games that IS better with people, so why not.

Since priests can’t improve items, and Fo priests in specific can’t cut down trees or pack dirt, joining a village is a pretty good move. Sure, I could technically survive without doing those things – but what fun would it be?

Hopefully the place doesn’t just fall to pieces now that I’ve joined. We’ll have to see.

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