Gold Making Goals

For the past four years I have focused on making gold in world of warcraft. I’ve taken breaks (sometimes as long as 6 months) but it has always been the game that I returned to. I’ve obtained most of my previous goals, and so it’s time for some new ones.

The two new goals are not completely ambitious, but are well suited for me as a casual player. They’re long-term goals, that should take roughly a year. That doesn’t mean I won’t accomplish them sooner, but there’s less pressure that way.

Goal number one is to hit gold cap on my alliance side characters. Right now I’m sitting at almost 7 million gold having purchased my brutosaurus and paying for my five accounts with gold – as well as purchasing the epic version of Shadowlands for each account. In other words, I’ve spent a lot of gold.

Goal number two is to hit 5 million gold on my horde side characters. Right now I’ve just crossed into the 1 million gold mark. I have less characters and less set up overall on the horde side, having just recently decided to start playing them. I’m giving myself more than a year to accomplish these goals but because I’ve already got quite a head start, I’m not expecting them to take too long. I like having goals, it gives me a purpose, and I intend on keeping my ultra casual approach to things.

You don’t have to cancel scan every 15 seconds in order to earn enough for a monthly token, and I’m hoping that I can show people that it’s viable to be a smaller goblin and still end up with some pretty big numbers.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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