Goals: Week One

Last week I posted some new gold making goals for myself that included reaching cap on the alliance side of gold making, and reaching 5 million on the horde side. I’m not starting from scratch with either of those goals, but I think I did pretty well as a casual gold maker. Remember that my main incentive is that I don’t have a whole lot of time to play, I go AFK frequently, and so most of my ‘gold making’ time is spent optimizing what I do, and learning by lurking. I do a LOT of lurking.

The alliance side of things went pretty well, I earned 360,449 gold in the past 7 days. I write down my gains/loss each day, calculating my total gold across each of my alliance characters. It’s pretty simple, spend gold, go down, earn gold, go up. Ideally I want to end the week with more gold than I spent, minus some purchases that can’t be helped like game time.

On the horde side of things I didn’t fare quite as well, but I did still make enough to cover a token. In total I earned enough gold this week for 3.5 tokens – so for those casual players who are confused about whether or not they can earn enough I have to say it is VERY doable. The most time you’ll ever spend is getting ready. Preparing stock, setting up barns / farms, doing your emissary quests (and paragon chests!) which is where a lot of my gold came from this week.

Keep things in perspective. I also spent around 20k gold working on professions for my horde characters. They are not nearly as established as my alliance characters who have been doing this whole gold making thing for a very long time.

In the end, what matters is that you persist with your gold making in whatever method brings you joy. You won’t see me farming or spending a lot of time gathering because I personally do not enjoy either of those things. I flip, do pet battles, do my emissary and paragon quests, and a few other smaller game play sessions that bring me joy. That way when I log in I’m not thinking about horrible it is that I need to harvest for an hour before I make any gold. Ew.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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